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Haircut at Barber Shop


Qawi Cuts specializes in fades. We have spent years perfecting our technique, and we’ll give you a neat, even cut. Fades are popular as a men’s haircut because they look good on everyone and they create a polished appearance. With a little hair gel or styling product, you can slick back your hair for a more professional look. We also do tapers. A taper cut fades from one length to another without fading into the skin, so these are generally longer cuts than fades.

There are different fade styles available, including low, mid, and high fades. These names refer to where on the head they hit. A low fade hits out around the ears, while a high fade fades down around the temples. A high fade is the shortest, most closely-cropped style. If you’ve never had a fade before, we can help you choose the one that would look best with your face shape and hair.

Trendy Haircut

We can also do other short hairstyles, like a military cut. No matter the style, we’ll make sure your hairline looks good. We offer edge-ups to make sure your hairline is neat, even, and sharp. 

Call today to make appointments in the Chicago, IL area! Our team will give you a great haircut and help you maintain it as it grows out.

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